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We help achieve Cost-effective Pipeline Safety Compliance


SRCS provides the products and services needed to comply with Federal and State pipeline safety regulations.

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SRCS provides subscribers with a variety of valuable services.

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SRCS has revolutionized the way that public gas systems handle the issue of compliance.

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About the SRCS

The Subscribed Regulatory Compliance Service (SRCS) was formed in 2006. It was created to meet the growing need for a comprehensive, effective, and affordable service to assist public gas systems in achieving and maintaining compliance with the Pipeline Safety Code.

Prior to 2006, meeting even the minimum pipeline safety requirements was becoming more and more difficult. Contributing factors to the challenges include the aging pipeline infrastructure, increasing incidents of third-party damages, and growing pressure on the Office of Pipeline Safety to fine operators failing to meet minimum requirements.


Services We Offer

SRCS has a proven record of performance with its Municipal, Master Meter Operators and Contractor Subscribers. SRCS provides subscribers with a variety of valuable services. From the web-based work order system and monthly qualification reminder emails to training and evaluation, SRCS helps subscribers achieve greater success.

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Client & Partner Testimonials

Our relationship with SRCS and their analyst has gone way beyond just regulatory compliance. Through our regular, face-to-face meetings, we've built a relationship of mutual trust and respect that has positively impacted every facet of our operations. What really stands out is that we can reach out to our analyst anytime and always get the help we need. The one-on-one sessions with our analyst have turned into more than just work; it's a friendship. As far as we're concerned in the City of Tallapoosa, they're part of our team.

BoydGas Superintendent, City of Tallapoosa Gas System

I am extremely pleased with the services S.C.R.S. provides for our gas department. Our Operations and Maintenance Manual, Operations and Maintenance Procedures, Plan for Natural Gas Emergencies, and Distribution Integrity Management Plan are invaluable to this department. Our analyst is also a must-have whenever we have a P.S.C. Inspection. S.R.C.S. will always be a part of our organization.

RonaldGas Superintendent, Albany Utilities Board

We have been a member of the Regulatory Compliance Service since 2016, and during that time their staff has been a great help on interpreting existing rules and rules that are proposed or have changed. Helping to update our manuals when needed has also been a great benefit.

Greg ThackerRegulatory Compliance Supervisor, Cartersville Gas System

SRCS has been an extremely valuable resource for the Fort Valley Utility Commission. I came from a role that dealt with the electric distribution that had very little regulations and I had no idea the amount of regulation I was heading into. SRCS first helped me take an office full of disorganized files and boxes and give me a starting point on what information to look for and how to organize that information. Next SRCS helped me with a path forward on how to supplement missing information and files to help the Commission be in compliance. SRCS also assisted me in getting ready for all my inspections and letting me know where I might have some issues during the inspections. Without SRCS I would have been up a creek without a paddle for sure. I would also like to thank the analyst for being there for me when I had questions, concerns, ideas or even just to vent.

RobertOperations Manager, Fort Valley Utility Commission